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As of June 1st, 2010 our rates changed. This was done in order for us to keep the layout uniform and to serve you better.


 As before ALL ads are lifelong, since each issue is always available in our Archives, we also have a FREE option, as well.

(Check the bottom of the page for that offer)


Now, we are having a FALL and WINTER SALE to get back into things here! So here's what it looks like!!


 Full Page - $25 (SALE PRICE: $20)

Full Page -  we design - $35.00 - (SALE PRICE - $25)

 With your FULL PAGE ad, if you wish for us to design the ad for you, there is an additional charge of $10, and you will have final approval on any work we do for you, of course.


Half Page - $15.00 (SALE 2 for $10)

Book Covers - $5.00 (SALE 2 for $5)

Banners - $5.00 (SALE 2 for $5)



Contact Heather to arrange for secure, private handling of purchasing your banner and ad space:


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Previously your ads ran on the website as well as in the magazine. Since our issues run forever once they're archived, we're making a few changes.

The SENSUAL FRIENDS page is now the SENSUAL WHISPERS page, and is being devoted to permanent ads and sponsors, musical, sexy, and just plain FUN! We're going to post links and banners to some sexy and wicked places, as well as the romantic and beautiful.... so check it out often because you never know what you will find!

Also NEW is our FREE quickie promo/ad spot. Beginning with our ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY issue, JUNE 2010 - I will be creating a new page in the magazine - the DE-CLASSIFIEDS - and this is where your short ads will be placed. There is a limit of 150 characters, so keep in mind you have the length of one of Twitter's posts. Your link can be added to this, but your AD must NOT run more than the 150 characters allotted, and that includes spaces. You can email us your ad and link, and it will appear in the next published issue of the magazine. Please use the words "Free Ad" in your subject line so Heather can keep track of the ads until press time.

As always, thank you - and we look forward to bring you this new service.

Sensual Treats Magazine reserves the right to refuse your ad should we feel it inappropriate for any reason.